Durukan Family has been operating in the food sector since 1976 as distributor, wholesaler and supermarket owner. Durukan focused on being a confectionery product manufacturer in 1993 with the vision of expanding the business. First, it started to produce lollipops to sell under the Durukan brand in the domestic market, and then grew in exports with the Durukan brand.

In 2003, as a result of a special agreement with PepsiCo-Frito Lay, it became the sole supplier of lollipop products of the local Rocco brand, a PepsiCo-Frito Lay brand. At the same time, Durukan branded products are everywhere around the world; It is sold in America, European Countries, Middle East, Africa and Far East countries. Known as high-capacity and high-quality products in these markets, Durukan branded products are rapidly advancing towards becoming a world brand.

In 2014, Durukan Confectionery completed its new factory and moved, and in 2015, all product groups were brought under the umbrella of Durukan U and Durukan Jox brands. While the U brand, created by following current trends, is aimed to inspire the young audience, the Jox brand, which is full of fun and surprises, is aimed at mothers and children.

It produces different product groups with Sweet Route, MOM Magical Organic Moods and Super Duper brands. While Sweet Route consists of products that add main happiness when we are with our loved ones on special occasions, holidays and celebrations, Magical Organic Moods is the brand of delicious confectionery with organic components, clean content, real fruit extract and vitamin added. Super Duper, on the other hand, offers a product group that contributes to the immune system consisting of vitamin and mineral components for both children and adults. With the Super Duper Kids Zero product group, it added sugar-free vitamin and mineral added products to its portfolio. As of 2023, the brand category and product group will continue to grow by diversifying.

The most interesting product in this new product range, the chewable candy dragee, took 3 years of scientific and production preparation research and the results were very successful. With this success, Durukan confectionery has become the second largest producer worldwide.

Durukan Confectionery produces chewable candies in many flavors, gummy, powder-filled and different flavored lollipops, organic, sugar-free, 2-colored fruit-juiced lollipops with vitamin and mineral added, liquid or gum-filled hard bonbons with multiple flavors, and fruity, sour, flat lollipops. Durukan Confectionery operates in its new production facility, which has all of the AIB, BRC, IFS, GMP, Sedex, ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and Halal certificates.

Durukan Confectionery’s ability to produce high-quality products with innovative and effective solutions has enabled it to easily produce consumer-oriented products and thus export both its own branded products and contract branded products to more than 50 countries. Durukan Confectionery aimed to provide timely and high standards of service and support with honest, high quality, standardized products with its business partners all over the world, and aimed to do healthy and sustainable trade.



Honesty and Fairness

As Durukan Şekerleme employees, we must act honestly and fairly in our relations with all persons and institutions we are in contact with and in all matters. The name of our company is a source of pride for us and should evoke a sense of trust in everyone we are in contact with.

Customer Satisfaction

It is part of Durukan Şekerleme’s goals and culture to fully understand, comprehensively evaluate and respond to customers’ needs and to live in a customer-oriented manner.


One of the main goals is to find and implement innovations that will make Durukan Şekerleme products, services, ways of doing business and processes more effective and efficient for both company employees and customers.


At Durukan Şekerleme, in order to be a successful organization and meet the changing needs of customers, corporate and geographical boundaries are removed and a culture of working together is adopted. Employees are expected to bring all their skills and knowledge to the company both in their individual work and within the team.


Durukan Şekerleme aims to create leadership at all levels. Leaders are the people who create and share a vision in line with the company’s goals, step forward to achieve difficult goals, guide, empower and encourage people, and bring out individual and team success. Leaders maintain good relations with all employees in order to share and support ideas and to spread the best ways of doing business within the company. In this context, all managers at Durukan Şekerleme should be role models and mentors for the employees they are responsible for.


At Durukan Şekerleme, it is aimed to get results for the purposes and to work in the most efficient way. When Durukan Şekerleme employees are committed to doing a job, they should complete that job on time in the best, most accurate and most efficient way possible and look for ways to do that job even better next time.

Social Responsibility

Durukan Şekerleme has adopted the principle of voluntarily contributing to a better society and environment. In this context, it is essential that the company’s suppliers or business partners comply with international norms on issues such as human rights, occupational health and safety and protection of the work environment.

Environmental Protection

The Company, its suppliers and business partners must take care not to harm the environment in their operations.

Transparency and Accountability

Issues such as sharing the company’s financial reports transparently or not using the company’s facilities for personal interests by the managers are important for Durukan Şekerleme values. In other words, Durukan Şekerleme adopts a transparent and accountable management style.

Continuous Improvement

The most important way for Durukan Şekerleme to achieve its goals is to continuously strive to make each passing day better than the previous day. In order to approach zero error, maximize efficiency, and ensure 100% customer satisfaction and loyalty, Durukan Şekerleme is based on the understanding of ‘continuous improvement’ as its main activity with the full participation of its employees.


Durukan Şekerleme adopts the lean production approach that simplifies the product creation process by eliminating waste in order to perfect all its activities and achieve maximum product quality. With a lean and transparent understanding, all employees within the company should be able to see the whole system and create value.


Durukan Confectionery always aims to keep the civilized welfare level of the country and the nation at a high level in the light of science and philosophy, based on contemporary social values. At Durukan Şekerleme, a working culture of equality with its employees who have adopted this goal as a goal for themselves, regardless of any thought, belief, gender, color, language, geography