The goal of Durukan Şekerleme human resources management is to develop and implement human resources strategies that create value to achieve the company’s vision and business results.
The human resources strategy of Durukan Şekerleme is to be an exemplary company in the confectionery sector where world-class human resources management approach is adopted, where everyone wants to work and is proud to work.

For the realization of this strategy;

  • selective in recruitment and promotion processes,
  • that drives employees towards exciting goals,
  • managing employees with high performance standards,
  • makes management and employees accountable for results,
  • rewarding outstanding performance,
  • It is the priority of Human Resources to create a management team.

Durukan Confectionery

  • Reliable,
  • Sensitive to others,
  • Committed to ethical values,
  • Open to change,
  • Market oriented,
  • A long-term thinker,
  • Innovative
  • Open to cooperation,

It aims to be a privileged community to work for individuals.




We act with the awareness that the performance and competencies of the individuals who make up the team are one of the most important values on the road to success and our goals. For this reason, we apply a careful and meticulous recruitment process to place the right candidates in the right positions

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Career Management

Durukan Talent Management and Performance Evaluation System, which is within the approach of selecting good talent and managing that talent, implements a system in which the data obtained are processed in an integrated manner within strategic HR practices within a cause and effect relationship.

Talent Management increases the strength and flexibility of our organizations by backing up positions.


Performance Evaluation System

Durukan Şekerleme implements a performance evaluation system that supports the development of competencies and potential in order to realize the targets of the annual business plan and to ensure the development of employees. The performance management process consists of determining competencies and targets, regular review and evaluation. Evaluations are made at the end of each year and new targets are set and announced to our employees at the beginning of the new year. The common participation, ideas and opinions of our employees are taken as basis in the determination and evaluation of targets.

The Performance Evaluation System (PES) is not only an application by which we measure business results, but also one of our important processes that enable our employees to increase their potential and motivate them. The results of the Performance Evaluation System are used as important data in our strategic HR practices such as promotion and talent management.


Employee Satisfaction

Since 1998, we have been conducting the Employee Opinion Survey (EOS) every two years to measure our employees’ satisfaction with various issues related to their work and the company, their loyalty and belonging to the Group. In line with the results of the Employee Opinion Survey, Action Committees formed by employees at all levels prepare action plans for areas targeted for improvement. In line with the prepared plans, practices to increase employee satisfaction and motivation are realized.

durukan sekerleme kaizen kariyer gelisimi


In our company, where we aim to be better every day than the previous day, we continue our Continuous Development (kaizen) journey with respect for people, mutual trust and teamwork by embracing the development of our employees. Studies carried out in our factory;

  • Suggestion & Rewarding
  • Performance Development & Tracking System
  • Continuous Improvement (Kaizen)
  • Cost Optimizations
  • Operational Excellence
  • Supply Chain Management System Development
  • TPM (Total Productive Maintenance)
  • Asakai-Gemba Kanri


As Durukan Şekerleme, we aim to identify the potential future human resources of our company while supporting students and preparing them for business life with the internship opportunity we provide.

Interns benefit from the experience of professionals working in our company and we develop with their ideas. With the internship opportunity, it is accepted as a social responsibility awareness to help students make more informed decisions about career planning and goals.

High School Internships

  • Fill out the internship application form obtained from the Human Resources Department of our company.
  • Internship applications are accepted in May-June and the internship is carried out in September-June, the school term.
  • Under the coordination of the Human Resources Department, the internship needs of the departments are determined in April of each year.
  • Students are determined by the administrators of the relevant schools in line with laws and regulations.
  • The internship process is initiated after the vocational training contracts of the students who are finalized to do internship are delivered to the Human Resources Department from the relevant schools within the beginning week of the academic year.
  • In the first week of the internship, students are given a Company Orientation program to introduce the Company and its practices.

University Internships

  • Internship applications are accepted in the March-April semester and are carried out in the June-July and August-September semesters covering the compulsory internship period.
  • Internship applications are accepted through career fairs and e-mail address.

Internship acceptance process;

  • Intern Admission – Consists of General Aptitude and English exam.
  • At the same time, students are expected to get a passing grade in these exams; analytical thinking, ability to generate ideas, problem analysis and solution skills, high motivation and work discipline.
  • Students who are accepted for internship are given 1 week orientation trainings and project studies. At the end of the internship, they are asked to make a project presentation and the internship passing score is evaluated according to these projects.

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Our factory has been designed to be suitable for disabled access from the entrance, elevators, toilets, break areas and offices are designed accordingly. Since Durukan Şekerleme has a disabled-friendly architecture, every unit can be easily accessed. The first priority in our rescue scenarios in emergencies is our disabled employees, guests and interns. Our ergonomic temperature in our offices is adjusted to the desired temperature of 18-24 C. Our wheelchair is available in our internal information department to be used when necessary.