At Durukan Confectionery, our principle is to produce quality and safe products following legal obligations and to ensure customer satisfaction at the highest level. For this purpose, attention paid to the principles of food safety management systems and hygiene conditions at every stage of productions.

As a company, our policy is to be a leading company in its sector, with highly competitive power, which conveys the awareness of quality and food safety to its employees at every point. Abides by the occupational safety rules adopts an understanding that respects the environment and carries out all its work with a strong team spirit.

We plan to realize our goals and objectives by focusing on the following issues.

  • To maximize customer satisfaction,
  • To reduce costs with continuous improvements,
  • To follow corporate and technological innovations continuously,
  • To provide a safe environment for our employees by improving the working environment and conditions,
  • Continuous improvement of products and processes,
  • To work without compromising scientific, conscientious, and ethical principles,
  • To increase the productivity of our employees by encouraging their participation in the functioning of the company,
  • To exist in the market by adapting to competitive conditions,

To gain a place in domestic and foreign markets with our brands belonging to Durukan Confectionery, the quality of our products and services will be evaluated by the requirements of the standard in line with the wishes of our customers and our quality policy will be constantly reviewed.

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Durukan Confectionery

Our primary business goal is to minimize the hazards that employees, subcontractors, and visitors may encounter in all activities and to provide a healthy working environment. Our goal is always zero work accidents, occupational diseases, and near misses. To achieve this goal; to comply with the requirements of the legislation in force regarding occupational health and safety, to be an organization that increases system performance by continuously reviewing management systems. As Durukan Şekerleme Management and Employees, we undertake to continue improvement efforts to prevent occupational accidents and occupational diseases with the participation of our employees, to identify and minimize potential hazards arising from working environment conditions, to minimize risks arising from machinery, equipment, material movements, production aids.



As Durukan Şekerleme, minimizing the negative environmental impacts that may arise during and as a result of our activities, protecting natural resources and taking all necessary precautions at all stages from raw materials to the final product in the food sector in which we operate constitute the basis of our environmental policy.

This is to ensure continuity in our policy;

  • To fulfill the obligations arising from national and international legal regulations,
  • To control the environmental impacts of internal and external factors arising from our activities,
  • To use natural resources in the most efficient and rational way by ensuring the recovery of waste energy,
  • Taking necessary actions to reduce waste and implementing recycling technology,
  • Reducing sources of pollution,
  • Ensure continuous improvement,
  • To contribute to the creation of environmental awareness by announcing our policy to our customers, suppliers and employees and ensuring their participation,
    are our main objectives.